In Liberia, Jungle Energy Power, which serves half the population of the city of Ganta, increased the price of its meters, which now cost $ 100, by 60%. An increase dictated by the increase in the purchase price of these meters, but which penalizes the populations.

In Liberia, a drastic increase in the price of electricity by Jungle Energy Power (JEP) in the city of Ganta in Nimba County has raised public outcry. The electric company has indeed lowered the price of the services of its electric meters from $ 60 to $ 100.

This price increase that occurs during a coronavirus pandemic could lead to the disconnection of many families who will be unable to pay their bills. “We thought that electricity would become cheaper so that everyone could have access to it,” says a resident of the city of Ganta. “Already people have to buy power lines and poles themselves and sometimes even transformers before being connected to the grid. If costs go up that way, it will mean that electricity is not as accessible as we were told at the start, ” added another.

According to Aleyou Keita, the director general of the JEP, this increase was induced by that of the cost of acquisition of the meters which is $ 112 per unit. At the start of the pandemic, the company ran out of meters, he said. This led him to acquire new meters at a higher price.

The JEP obtained the management of the Nimba electricity network during the privatization of the infrastructure by the Liberia Electricity Corporation in order to accelerate the distribution of electricity in all the communities served by transmission lines. It supplies about half of the 50,000 inhabitants of Ganta.


Source: Agence Ecofin