Togo is implementing the PERECUT project, which will connect 108,000 additional households to the national electricity network in urban areas. The project, valued at $ 79.3 million, will allow the extension of the electricity network and is supported by AFD, the EU and KfW.

Togo aims to provide access to electricity to 108,000 households living in cities, or around 540,000 people. This objective will be reached within the framework of the Electricity Network Extension Program in the urban centers of Togo (PERECUT).

The program will concretely extend the distribution network in the targeted urban areas and acquire connection equipment in order to connect households to the national electricity network. “This approach will rehabilitate and strengthen the network in 53 localities spread across the 5 regions of the country. 48 kilometers of medium voltage network will be built and 226 new transformers installed at a total cost of 46 billion CFA francs ($ 79.3 million Editor’s note), ” the government said in a statement.

The project benefits from the support of several partners, including the French Development Agency, the German Development Bank KfW and the European Union.


Source: Agence Ecofin