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The train into the future has arrived – here’s where you come in!

More than 50 leaders in the Solar Energy sector in Africa will gather in Accra, Ghana on the 16th -17th October, to discuss on the theme Africa: Investment Destination for Harvesting and Utilizing Renewable Energy at the 2019 African Solar Energy Forum (#ASEF2019).

ASEF2019 presents an opportunity for all stakeholders to discuss and share how solar energy, an under-utilised energy source on the continent, can be utilised to meet the rapidly growing energy demand, lower the emission of greenhouse gases, and generate returns on investments.

Over the next decade, electricity demand in Africa will increase faster than the demand for energy as a whole. In order to meet this growing need, mitigate the damaging effects of fossil fuel on climate change and comply with the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) 2°C scenario, African countries must move towards low-carbon businesses.

Research has shown that the effects of climate change will impact most populations over the next few decades. And Africa is susceptible to being particularly negatively affected.

Recognizing the increasing threat of climate change, many countries came together in 2015, including African countries, to adopt the historic Paris Agreement, committing to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) 2°C scenario. The benefits of limiting climate change are enormous on the African economy and the quality of life of its citizens.

Regardless of the harmful effects on climate, given the present rate of consumption and burning of fossil fuels, in no time, it could run out, making solar energy important. This implies that sooner or later humanity will rely heavily on renewable energy sources like solar energy.

Research has also shown that electricity insecurity impacts the productivity and investment in manufacturing and SMEs negatively. Investments in Solar energy can help to mitigate the impact of electricity insecurity on manufacturing and SMEs by ensuring efficient alternative supply of electricity.

Planning for the future must be done in parallel with promoting strong renewable energy growth today.

The modern world is gravitating towards renewable energy and Africa shouldn’t be left behind. Solar energy is already helping address climate change. It’s time to put our feet on the gas.

ASEF2019, in two days of panel discussion, interactive round-table discussion sessions, break-out sessions and case studies showcasing the full value chain of the region’s solar energy sector, will address how best to achieve an accelerated proliferation of Solar technologies on the continent.

The chairman of ASEF2019, Dr K.T. Tan, for over a decade has devoted his time to developing products and technologies for the renewable sector. He is also Chief Technical Officer of Viridian Solar; a UK based renewable energy company renowned for their innovative Clearline Fusion products. As a Chartered Engineer, he specialises in new solar technologies with a particular interest in roof-integrated systems, advanced PV cell technologies and innovative mounting solutions.

Asides Dr K.T. Tan, the forum assembles a great line up of speakers already confirmed including; Pankaj Thakkar, Vice President International Business – SunSource Energy, India; Mikhail Nikomarov, Chief Executive Officer –  Bushveld Energy, South Africa; Ismail Alami, Founder/CEO – DarSolar Energy, Morocco; Prof. Albert Okorogu, Executive Vice President – GreenElec France; Femi Oye, CEO/CTO/Chief Architect – GoSolarAfrica/OneWattSolar, Nigeria; Marianne Walpert, CEO ­– Simusolar, Tanzania; Kobina Eric Nyanteh, CEO – Translight Solar Limited, Ghana; Nic van der Westhuizen, Business Developer/Solar Energy Expert ­– SPV Solar, South Africa; Kushagra Nandan Co-Founder/President – SunSource Energy, India; Dr. Isaac Adjei Doku, Director of Commercial Services – Volta River Authority, Ghana; Wido Schnabel, Head of Strategic Alliances and Business Development Director EMEA Canadian Solar; Francisco Lopez Vice President, Europe, the Middle East and Africa – EMEA Schneider Electric Solar, Spain.

The forum brings together government officials, technicians, engineers, solar energy experts, entrepreneurs, and business developers in Africa to interact and exchange information with representatives from leading international solar companies and foreign government agencies. The forum also provides a platform for exchange of visions on ways of achieving progress in the proliferation of Solar Technologies across Africa.

ASEF2019 is special, owing to different important topics to be discussed, often neglected at many energy conferences, topics bothering on the future and trends of solar technology in Africa.

Embark on this journey for our planet, register for our shared future. Your journey starts here!