In the Nigerian state of Kaduna, the local branch of the Association of Petroleum and Natural Gas Suppliers (NOGASA) said its members lost 34 trucks of petroleum products, to the benefit of a vast network of traffickers along the Kaduna-Zaria and Tashan-Yari axes in the state. This report covers the period from last September to the end of April.

A situation which is the extension of the upstream oil thefts that we know in the south of the country, especially in the producing basins. The phenomenon of intercepting petroleum product supply trucks is booming, particularly towards the interior of the country.

According to Adamu Danjuma, president of NOGASA for the state of Kaduna, the bandits adopt strategies like the forced seizure, the alteration of the documents of transport and delivery, the change of license plates or even colors of the trucks to escape the authorities.

A close collaboration was set up between the association and the federal police to put an end to the scourge. Police officials have promised that satisfactory results will be achieved as soon as possible.

Theft of oil costs the country between $ 7 billion and $ 12 billion a year.


Source: Agence Ecofin