28MW of electricity available on the CHAN 2020 and CAN 2021 sites in Cameroon – Eneo

Three months before the start of the African Football Nations Championship in Cameroon, Eneo, the concessionaire of the public electricity service in the country, claims to have already built and commissioned more than 90% of the works requested by public authorities.

These works were built not only on the sites that will host the CHAN 2020 meetings, but also on those that will host the matches of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) football, scheduled to take place in Cameroon, during the period January-February 2021.

“  The whole project consisted of the construction, over four regions, of more than 47 km of underground network, 36 km of overhead network on metal and concrete posts, seven delivery stations, 15 distribution stations, one distribution station , for an installed capacity of 28 MW  ”, specifies the electricity production and distribution company.

According to Nicolas Keedi, deputy director of studies at Eneo, “the option taken to dedicate works to supplying sites is part of the desire to set up networks that will be very little exposed to breakdowns and will guarantee optimal load transit . Their structures will thus facilitate intervention in the event of incidents ”.


Source: Agence Ecofin



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