The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu has stated that structured difficulties, such as denial of approval for processes, delays by relevant government agencies, and opposition by the public could make the 2019 target to end importation of petrol unrealistic, THIS DAY reports.

Kachikwu stated yesterday that he might not be able to deliver on his target to end petrol importation in 2019 if he does not get the kind of support needed to achieve the target.
Kachikwu said in his monthly podcast that while it was completely uneconomical for Nigeria to continue to import petroleum products, time was not on the side of the country to achieve the target and called on Nigerians and all the relevant stakeholders to support the plan.

“Timing is of the essence, I cannot deliver on the 2019 deadline that I am seeking if I have difficulties in terms of approval processes. We have already been given some partial support by the president in the fast track process of this; we need to continue that fast track process. If we get delayed by the regulatory authorities, it will be a problem, if we get delayed by any of our agencies, which are supposed to participate in this, it will be a problem,” Kachikwu said.