Nigerians face kerosene scarcity 2yrs after suspension of subsidy

The Federal Government had in 2016 removed subsidy on kerosene to save about $1b, which the county reportedly spent annually as financial support for kerosene consumers, forcing the price to increase from about N50 to over N180.

Two years down the line however, users are still grappling with the scarcity of kerosene and wondering whether the intent of the government’s withdrawal of support on the product was genuine.

Although the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), last year claimed that the nation produced 4.6million litres of kerosene from the local refineries, checks revealed that same did not match the reality on ground per the required volume of the products to satisfy its users .

Observers said that a near monopoly of the product has been created by the national oil company, a development, which has further compounded the problems of many Nigerians that use kerosene, which is the most commonly, used fuel in the country. They added that the development has left many household users to pay as much as N350 per litre to get the product for use.

Source: Independent



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