Nigeria will achieve its nuclear energy goal by 2025 – Rosatom Exec

Nigeria will achieve its nuclear energy goal and further improve its electricity supply by 2025, Rosatom’s Chief Executive Officer, Central and Southern Africa, Dmitry Shornikov, has said.

He said Nigeria has begun its energy diversification programme by generating electricity from off-grid and on-grid sources. Shornikov added that the country struck a deal with Rosatom to have its nuclear energy plants in Kogi and Akwa Ibom states.

In a recent statement, Shornikov said the firm had a meeting with stakeholders in the Nigerian electricity sector in Russia some months ago, adding that efforts were ongoing to produce nuclear energy in Nigeria. He said nuclear would help Nigeria to bridge the power gap and improve its supply.

He said South Africa has already built its nuclear energy plant, adding that Nigeria would soon join the former apartheid nation to have nuclear energy. He added that Kenya, Zambia Uganda and Ghana have also shown interest in producing nuclear power to improve electricity generation.

Source: The Nation



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